Member Reviews

Was doing shopping for a trip, and was in need of an external SD card for my camera. I was already out and about at an actual mall, but remembered we have access to Best Buy through [the site]. So I sat in my car outside of Best Buy, bought it through our mall on my phone. Walked in and out of the store in less than 5 minutes!

-Carlos S.

Our new online shopping mall is even better than before. There's so many more stores there is really no reason to physically go into the stores unless you picking up your items! I went online to shop at BestBuy for my clicker to do my presentation since I lost mine and was presenting the next day. But there was no need to worry, picked up my clicker at the front counter 20 minutes later and left happy as ever with some [travel dollars]in my pocket! Thank you!

-Reina R. 


I ordered our refrigerator water filter through our online mall. I saved 40% by ordering through this vendor and free shipping to my door! Plus I get [travel dollars]!  Saves me time and money.  

Janise P.  

The Online Mall is the easiest way for me to earn. Whether shopping online for myself or for my business I always click through the Online Mall first to shop and earn.

Steve F.

I love shopping on the DreamTrips Online Shopping Mall, it is not just convenient to do my ‘daily’ shopping there, I also earn [travel dollars] while shopping.

Jessica F.