Not taking a vacation is causing you more harm than good….and here’s why

You wake up in the morning rush around to catch the bus (or train or hop in the car for your commute) to go to work….but really you would rather be catching a flight to Madrid.  


I hate to break it to you but…….This is actually a decision that you have made.  You have chosen to catch the bus to go to a place that you don’t even like instead of catching a flight to a place that brings happiness.  


Of course, we have our personal obligations: taking care of our families, paying bills, buying food etc.  


But let’s explore, the space between seeing an idea in your mind and actually making something happen.   You can clearly see yourself catching that flight to Madrid (or wherever it is that you really want to experience), being greeted at the airport by a driver who is whisks you off to a luxury villa by the sea.  But in reality you are greeted at the bus stop by the driver that barely even says “Good Morning” and whisks you off to another day of being overworked on your job.  


It's still a decision that you have made to not travel or take a vacation.  But what’s in that space between what we would really like do and what we actually do? Obligation, responsibility, others people’s expectation, our own limitations, self doubt, or even excuses.  Is that space helping us or hurting us?  How is it that there is such a large space between what we want to do and what we are actually doing?  

Whatever it is……. it holds us back from living the life that we want.    By not doing what we actually want to do (or at least working towards it) it really brings more pain.

By always dwelling in that space of responsibility, of obligation, of fulfilling other people’s expectation we are really just hurting ourselves.  Staying in that same space we lose sight of what we want.   

When someone asks us where do you see yourself in 5 years.  Our immediate response in our mind is  “I don’t know”….because we are really not sure what we want out of life.  We just feel burdened with our responsibility and obligations.  


Our burdens, responsibilities, and obligations shape our actions instead of our true heart’s desire.  


There are so many places that we want to visit and experiences that we want to have, but our obligations shift our focus.  It's kind of like when you are having a quiet moment to yourself in the living room and another person just comes in and turns on the television.  That noise of life gets all of your attention and focus and you completely forget what it was you were thinking about.  





Really take some time to think about places you would like to go and experiences you would like to have.


What’s holding you back from catching your flight?

For many people, myself included, it's a lack of travel funds that's holding us back from getting on that plane as often as we would like.  

Check out this quick resource that I created.......


Can't wait to see you on the beach!