Having a job that you HATE can be the biggest motivator for creating the life that you want.

I HATE my job.


I’ve come to grips with that.  I could easily find another job and be on my merry way.  But finding a job getting acclimated to a new company going through the training process..blah blah blah is just so annoying.  


So why stay at job that I so deeply dislike?


Don’t get me wrong, I still work my very hardest on my job.   I do my very best, show up for work on time, I’m fully engaged with my responsibilites.  I follow the rules.  I jump through the hoops.  


I’m thankful for the job that I have.  


But I am uncomfortable.


Everyday I think to myself, ‘How on earth did I get here in this horrible situation?’  This discomfort and irritation with the job has been my biggest motivator to get to work on the life that I truly want.  


When I began my professional life I never set out to be so dependent on a paycheck.  I always dreamed of multiple income streams.  But somewhere along the way I messed up.


I lost focus.


I got comfortable on the jobs that I had before.  I got in the cycle of jumping from  position to position thinking that the grass will be greener in the next company.  Only to come up empty handed yet again.  


And now, I can honestly say that I have the worst job that I have EVER had.  But I am staying put because it has been my biggest motivator.  I will stay and be the model employee.


But when I am not working, EVERY waking minute is on my creating the life that I ultimately want.  So before I start work, after the work day is over, and even when I take breaks I am working on my freedom.  

My focus is on telling my story to help others.  

So I am thankful for my terrible job.  I am thankful in knowing that I can endure, overcome, and conquer such a worst case scenario .  That I don’t have to complacently accept the cards that I have been dealt.  

I am happier than I ever have been because every day brings me one step closer towards living my vision.  Some days I accomplish a lot while other days I just have a quick 5 minutes to work my plan.  But everyday is a step towards my dream lifestyle and a step away from my terrible job.  


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