Bad things happen to good people who don't take vacations


You may see your friends (or enemies) taking some amazing vacations and think to yourself, “oh that’s nice.  Someday I will be able to take a nice vacation like that too


But someday never comes.


So you live your life.  Watch your friends (and maybe even your family) take some even more incredible vacations.  And again, you think, “ oh how nice….maybe someday


Believe me, I know…..It’s so difficult to get an extended period of time off from work and when you do it’s typically just a long weekend during a federal holiday.  


So what else can you do but sit at home binge watching the Game of Thrones and think to yourself, “ yeah, I would rather be in the south of France too but a staycation is what I can afford and what I have time for. I’m doing the best with what I’ve got


What’s wrong with doing the best with what you have (even though you want so much more)  No harm can come to you right? friend….so very wrong.  


Let’s explore the downright horrible things that can happen to you without a real vacation in your life...shall we.....?


Without regular vacations in your life, you may experience one or ALL of the following side effects:  


1.  Increased stress levels- you may think that pressing play on another episode of OITNB may be an escape from your stressful work life but after you finish the last episode you will feel like even more of a failure.  

2.  Health problems-studies have proven that women who don’t take regular vacations(not staycations) are 8 times more likely to suffer from heart disease.  

3.  People will always ask you for favors (like watching their dog, watering the plants, or getting their mail) because they know you never go anywhere

4.  You will come down with a bad case of #FOMO

5.  By not taking a break and spending all of your days working hard at a job means all your efforts are towards building up someone else's company or organization.  You can lose sight of what you really want out of life.  

6.  You have nothing to talk about; When you talk to people that you haven't see in a while and they ask “what's new?You will have to answer with your standard answer…...     “nothing much

7.  Traveling allows you to look at your own life in a new way. By not going anywhere it shuts down your creativity for solutions to your everyday challenges.  

8.  You will miss out on meeting some amazing people and possible lifelong friendships.


9.  Your relationships will not improve because you have less tolerance for people that are different from you.  (especially if you are in law enforcement)

10.  People are attracted to people that are going places. But you are wearing cement blocks. By not going anywhere you are the bump on the log without any interesting insights to offer.

11.  You have a heavier workload because your co-workers take their vacations and you have to cover for them

12.  The only interesting topics of conversation you have is about other people or the latest season of OITNB

13.  You will have no reason to lose that extra ten pounds because there won’t be any vacation photos that you have to look good for.  Not to mention you bathing suit is just getting moldy in your bottom drawer


Don’t let these bad things continue to happen to you.  


I beg you, plead with you, for the love of God…….




You deserve a break.  


And if more vacation time is needed from work,