My Story:

I do what I am supposed to do.  

Went to a good university

Run a business

Had success in other careers (some fulfilling and some not)

Take care of my household(my husband and our dogs)

 Volunteered my time for my church/community

 Handle any number of other responsibilities.


So I couldn’t help but ask the question, “Is this all there is?  Am I going to spend my entire life running around like a crazy person?” I have been beyond belief busy and my definition of time for myself was reduced to the occasional pedicure and a run to Starbucks.   


I value experiences over wealth. For me, peak life experiences come from seeing the world not from life’s boring routines.  So my mission is to educate and share proven strategies to organize our lives, clear our schedules, and create more freedom for adventure through travel.  



Learn about and join our community/movement

We are women who work hard

Take care of our families.  

Have an endless 'to do' list.  

Weighed down with so many responsibilities.

Our sense of freedom and adventure has gotten knocked off our priority list.  

We are taking a break from the routine and stresses of life

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Travel More Work Less




The life you have led doesn’t need to be the only life you have.
— Anna Quindlen