You never imagined your life would turn out this way

You did everything that you were supposed to do.

  • went to college
  • excelled in various careers
  • take care of your family

The life you have now is not even close to what you had envisioned 10 years ago.  

There are many reasons why you are in this situation, the economy took a turn, you are under employed, made some bad decisions, or perhaps some strained relationships have caused stress.  10 years ago you thought you would be debt free, have a very healthy amount saved for retirement, have multiple and lucrative income streams, and most importantly have the ability to come and go as you please traveling the world.  

Instead, your life has been full of stumbling blocks.  

Some stumbling blocks you overcame but there are still some big ones that are holding you back from living the life that you had imagined.  Day in and day out you go to work and deal with the stress of your job, come home and try to relax only to prepare to do the same thing the next day.

Lather, Rinse, Repeat

You still hold a glimmer of hope that somehow, someway the life that you had envisioned for yourself is still a possibility. But taking care of your family, paying survival bills, and keeping food on the table have always taken top priority.  

You are bored with everyday life

Everyday is the same.  It's almost like you are sleepwalking through life.  After doing all the right things, you constantly wonder....Is this all there is? So to drown out these thoughts of disappointment, frustrations, and maybe even slight depression you binge watch shows on Netflix.  And then end up feeling even more disgusted with all of the time you waste in front of a screen.  

You are not living the life you want

You would rather be having days of leisure exploring tropical islands, taking tours on an African safari, visiting the museums of France, biking tours through Spain, eating the incredible street food of Thailand, and lounging in the most exquisite hotels of Dubai.  There is a whole exciting world out there and you are missing out because you are stuck having to go to work everyday.   

You've got a whole 'bucket list' of things you want do and places you want to see.  

You think to yourself, "Someday, I'm going to make it happen". 

Years and years go by and the things on your 'bucket list' never get crossed off.  Your family, work, and bills take the priority.  And travel gets pushed to the luxury items that you can't afford.  Travel is your passion but life's priorities have gotten in the way so your heart's desire is at the bottom of the list.   

You are ashamed to admit this....

You are fearful about the future.  

You have a decent job however its scary to think about what would happen if you lost it.  Most of all, you are frightened at being so dependent on a paycheck.  

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