So let me tell you about my friend Gail

Gail had worked at the same Fortune 500 company for 30 years.  After spending 3 decades climbing the corporate ladder, she excelled in her job and achieved the role of a high ranking executive.  As you can imagine, Gail's life was full of luxury- a lovely home, expensive wardrobe, and fancy cars.  From the outside looking in Gail lived a lifestyle that many would envy.  But in this position, her many responsibilities forced her to work 12-14 hour days.  The stresses of her job did not allow her to enjoy life and eventually turned unbearable.  

The pressure became so great that she suffered a stroke.  

Sitting in her hospital room the doctors gave her the great news that she should expect to make a full recovery.   While getting better, she had plenty of time to reflect on the direction that her life had taken.  She thought to herself, "I have spent 30 years giving my best self to this company only to put my health in harm's way.  I 've worked so hard to earn such a significant income but I don't have the time to spend with the people that matter."  From that moment, Gail decided to work less hours so that she could spend more time with her family and actually enjoy her life.  She wasn't sure how but she she knew that there would be better days ahead.  

One evening, she was visiting with her nephew who shared with her an idea that had the potential to generate the full time income that she was making in her corporate job (without the stress) while allowing her to travel and spend time with loved ones.  Her eye for business saw the potential immediately but her nephew's presentation of the idea left a bit to be desired.  

Being open minded and ready for a change, she decided to fully investigate and experience for herself what this idea had to offer.  Through this all new concept, Gail decided to book a much needed and relaxing cruise.  The first hand experience got her really excited about what she had her hands on.  

She says, "We paid much less than prior cruises, but I was more impressed with the culture.  Being personally greeted, the private party, member interaction, and the gifts we received-all of it"  

After returning home from her first trip, Gail quickly realized that she and the others she planned to share this idea with were going to reap the rewards far beyond their goals of financial freedom.  

She had done a complete 180 from her nephew's initial presentation of the idea.  She shares, "Initially I was not impressed.  I thought I was being sold something that I didn't understand.  But after my first trip, I knew I was in.  It makes sense-everyone loves to travel and the product sold itself.  We could travel for less money and I knew our family and friends could benefit from what we did."

Today, Gail's income is five times greater than her corporate pension and instead of long, stressful days of climbing the corporate ladder she passes the time by traveling with her family and friends.  

All from Simply sharing a good idea

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