So why am I leading you down this 'garden path'?

When I meet new people I always try to make a good first impression.  So that when people walk away from an encounter with me they will hopefully think to themselves, "Now there's a lady that is well put together and has stuff figured out".  For a very long time that was the farthest from the truth...

In my twenties I was very goal oriented.  Anything I put my mind to, I did it.

So I became a successful real estate broker with the obligatory fancy car, expensive clothes, and of course houses.  I even afforded myself the luxury of a vacation every month.  Ahh..those were the days...sigh

My next big goal was to get married and have a family to share my great lifestyle with.  So true to form I got hitched to the most handsome guy in the world (seriously y'all he's taken) and dreamt of the 4 perfect children we would have.  And I would live like Martha Stewart taking care of my beautiful family, carving hearts in their lunch sandwiches, and gliding around the kitchen preparing wonderful meals.  


3 years after we were married, the doctors told us having children was highly unlikely

The life, that I had envisioned, was over.  

The biggest goal that I had ever wanted was unachievable.  So I gave up.

I stopped moving forward in life altogether.  I even pushed all of my friends, family, and at times even my husband away.  I was so frustrated and depressed that life did not turn out the way I had planned.  

I just got stuck-stuck with jobs that I didn't like and stuck with a life that I didn't want because I gave up on my goals all together.  

So I prayed for a change

I'm still waiting for God's answers on growing our family.  (We have tried other ways of bringing children into our life only to come up short with more pain and frustration) But my prayers were answered on the dark turn that my life had taken.  I found a way to start living my life the way that it is supposed to be lived and that is by taking an active role in my hopes and dreams.  Kids or no kids I found a way to get back to being the goal oriented person that I used to be and I have stopped letting life pass me by.  

The answer is an idea

Admittedly I was super sceptical of this idea at first, just like Gail.  I decided to take a chance.  Traveling has always given me a fresh perspective on my life so I thought, "why not?"

So I went from only taking vacations to visit family because that is all our budget would taking 6 major vacations every year.  By simply sharing this idea, in a very short period of time, all of our future vacations will be paid for.  We are also wonderfully compensated for our efforts so that in a short time I won't have to rely solely on my 9 to 5.  

I am still a work in progress, but in the near future, here's what my life will look like....

  • Waking up in the morning (when my eyes open)
  • Have a lazy breakfast while updating social media
  • Head out to explore whatever city, country, beach where I am located
  • Share my amazing photos
  • Meet some cool people
  • Earn a very comfortable income while traveling
  • Help other ladies live the same lifestyle
  • Lather
  • Rinse
  • Repeat

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