Well, what is it?............

honestly, you wouldn't believe me if I told you


But let's take a dive into your mindset when it comes to travel

(just hold on, I am bringing this baby in for a landing)

You devour content in travel magazines, blogs, and facebook groups.  And think to yourself, what are these people really doing to afford to travel so much....and what am I doing wrong?

You know that there a ways to travel inexpensively like staying in hostels or couchsurfing, but you work hard on your job and prefer to stay in 4 & 5 star comfort when traveling.

Your girlfriends and/or spouse can't (or don't want to) go with you and you have heard horror stories of women traveling alone.  

Life gets in the way and travel becomes an expensive luxury that typically gets cut from the budget.  

You feel anxiety and overwhelm about where to find the best prices for your vacations.  

Or simply, you want to travel more but you just don't know how.

What if.........

There was a way to travel like a champagne drinking VIP on a beer budget.

What if.......

You had the ability to travel with cool, like minded peeps and never had to worry about finding someone to go with you.

What if........

You were guaranteed the lowest price for your vacation or you get your money back (and still get to take the trip for free!)

What if........

By simply sharing an idea all of your vacations could be paid for.

What if........

By sharing this same idea, a little side hustle could turn into a significant income stream, giving you the ability to take off more time from work, and of course travel more.


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